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Ana Aragão

Magazine Art + Culture | 08 Mar 2017



We are on Rua de Cedofeita, in the heart of Porto. The illustrator Ana Aragão welcomes us in her painting gown that has long ceased to be white. The colorful brushstrokes show us the hours that Ana dedicates every day to the work we see hung on the walls. We fall in love as soon as we go in. In love with the place. For the easiness and the richness that combine perfectly. By the two-story high ceiling of the building. By the colours. Yes, the colours. Ana is unable to explain why she is "very poor with dates", but she must be is in that studio for about two years. With a degree in architecture, she felt the need for a space "away from home" when she started to commit herself entirely to illustration. She wanted to find a place that would bring her solitude and inspiration, essential to her work.

Featured in ROOF 7



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Tânia Carreira

Ana Aragão

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