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Erasmus Medical Studies Centre

Magazine Interiors | 22 Mar 2017



The courtyard of the Erasmus Medical Centre has been rehabilitated for better usefulness.
Time goes by. It can be deterioration agent or, on the other hand, bring refreshing winds, rehabilitation, a new value. Time does not stand still. The Erasmus Medical Centre, in the Netherlands, represents this perfectly where a courtyard gave way to a joint atrium connecting the complex.
It was the year 1965 when Arie Hagoort, in cooperation with Jean Prouvé, designed the academic hospital of Rotterdam, with an outside area that was intended as a connection between the facilities. But the place did not serve its original purpose well, and so it was transformed.
Time determined that this courtyard of the Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC) was rehabilitated, reused for greater convenience. In 2006 the design began and in 2013 the work was completed. Designed by KAAN Architecten, an atrium emerged connecting several new educational spaces.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Pictures: FG + SG | Architectural Photography (interiors) and Marco van Middelkoop (aerial views)

KAAN Architecten

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