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Magazine Art + Culture | 02 Mai 2016


It was the concept of noosphere, the sphere of human consciousness, the world of ideas that represents the fourth evolutionary stage of the Earth’s development, following the geosphere (inanimate material), the biosphere (biological life) and the technosphere, which served as philosophical inspiration for José Ruivo and Pedro Monteiro, when they formed their company three years ago and named it Noocity. Dedicated follower of the ‘Grow Your Own’ movement, Noocity Urban Ecology has developed a pioneering solution in Portugal – ‘Growbed’, a raised bed with a self-watering system (sub-irrigation), that’s easy to assemble and low on maintenance, allowing you to plant a large variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs, thus creating the perfect growing conditions in a range of urban settings. Available in three different sizes, the Growbed, explains Leonor Babo, one the company’s partners, fits into many different settings. Terraces, rooftops, verandas, covered or open courtyards, conservatories, or any corner of an apartment. Growbeds fill the space with the sweet aromas of herbs, the bright and varied colours of fruit and vegetables, necessarily changing the cityscape and the relationship of urban dwellers with food and consuming.

Featured in ROOF 2


Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Noocity


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