As one of the world’s oldest producers, when it comes to wine Portugal boasts a history packed with vintages.

If, in the past, we were simply known as the great port wine ambassador, due to the fortified wine’s presence in England and France, today you can say that we’re “trending” around the globe.

Consumers are increasingly on the lookout for distinctive wines, steering away from mass-produced wines, made from grape varieties grown all around the world.

Wine is currently “fashionable” in Portugal, and increasingly entrenched in Portuguese culture. The sale of wine by the glass in many restaurants, as well as the opening of wine bars, has created the impetus needed to increase consumption, not in terms of quantity, but in quality.

This interest in wine, combined with improved quality, has shown the world that Portuguese wines can compete with anyone.

The search for the right terroir has proved a breath of fresh air for Portugal, given that many of our wines are made from a blend of several grape varieties from the region in which they are found. Sometimes the conditions are right to develop a single-varietal wine, with an accompanying rise in quality. (…)

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Text: Rodolfo Tristão from WIME
Photos: WIME


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