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It was in 2013 that the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani commissioned Zaha Hadid two projects for Al Alfia Holding. Celebrating the remarkable legacy of Hadid and continuing commitment of Lusail City to create a sustainable interconnected community in Qatar, the Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) will now develop the first project: a 70,000 sqm hotel with residential apartments to complete in 2020, in Lusail City’s Marina District.
Designed with innovative solutions as an environmentally sustainable community of 450,000 residents and visitors, Lusail City incorporates a 38 km light rail system to transport people throughout the city. Integrating its own management and conservation of water within an urban landscape, the city’s energy, communication and transportation systems are planned to automatically adapt to changing weather and traffic conditions, making this city the most sustainable in the region.
Respecting these ecological considerations, the formal compositions of Zaha’s project were inspired by the structure of the Desert Hyacinth – a native plant of the Arabian Gulf’s landscapes. The nine-pointed structure of the building’s podium involves a central core defined by the geometry of the hyacinth and the facade surrounding the building, reducing solar gain. Zaha Hadid developed this historical understanding of the region’s architecture in a contemporary interpretation evolved from her research into natural systems of organization, as well as the technological advances in design, construction and materials to offer workable solutions for the 21st century.
The second project of Hadid, commissioned by Al Alfia Holding, will be built within the current plan for future development of the city.

@Project by ZHA for Lusail City

@Zaha Hadid, by Brigitte Lacombe


Text: Isadora Faustino

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