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“Y ese toro enamorado de la luna / Que abandona por la noche la manada”. The bull that fell in love with the moon, the “mysticism”, the “unattainable”, the love of a daytime creature for a night-time one. The song “El toro y la luna”, from Gipsy Kings, was Katty Xiomaras leading inspiration for her new Fall/Winter 2017/2018 collection.
“The theme of the collection opens itself to some mystery, some history involved. It is in fact more restrained and at the same time more romantic, “says Katty Xiomara. In the atelier, in the centre of Porto city, the designer remembers the process that led to the new creations that will be presented in Portugal Fashion, at the Centro Português de Fotografia (CPF) Portuguese Photo Center, on March 24. But it will not be merely a fashion show.
Katty Xiomara has challenged renowned Portuguese fashion photographers for the exhibition Anatomy of Time that interprets and recreates a collection of images from the CPF thematic library and reveals, through the pieces of Katty Xiomara`s collection, how fashion is in continuous development. The “connecting nucleus” between both these artistic expressions is common.
Time is in between. Both in the exhibition, between the past and the present, as in the creative process of the fashion show`s garments. “We mess with time a lot”, says Katty Xiomara. A balance between the past, the “revivalism” and “a futuristic vision” is required.
This new collection shows patterns that give the “idea of ​​the animals, the forest, the moon, the night”, dark colours such as black and night blue. But also white, like moon-white, “shining tones, stellar silver, lighter shades of blue” and “nudes, roses, greys,  more earth tones, more sandy.” About the materials, the fashion designer says that the collection has “lace, tulle, silk”, but also “wool and fur.” For Katty Xiomara “the collection is quite feminine, it has some romanticism, but not exacerbated”.
On the day of the collection`s fashion show, is also the opening of the exhibition, which will be open to the public for a month and will then be added to the Portuguese Center of Photography`s collection. The invited photographers are Aloísio Brito, Ana L. Silva, Cassiano Ferraz, Carlos Teixeira, Frederico Martins, Mário Príncipe, Ricardo Santos and Victor Hugo.



Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Tânia Carreira e Cortesia de Katty Xiomara

Katty Xiomara

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