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Marita Moreno is a Portuguese accessories’ brand which now focus essentially on shoes and bags. Galerias Atelier Metamorfose, on Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto, was the place where the Spring/Summer’17 collection was premiered.
This collection is based on design and exclusivity, and its ethical concerns, after the brand, that before focused on textiles, was repositioned. The collection has four lines: Miramar, Dali, Summer Clouds and What About The Skin.
Miramar is a more sportive line, and unisex, inspired by the Miramar beach huts, on the North of Portugal. This collection “does not use any animal component” in its production.
Dali line, masculine, was inspired on one of Salvador Dali’s most recognized works: “The Persistence of Memory”. It is a classic collection, in which the traditional cuts of shoes “are moved”.
Summer Clouds has accessories for Men and Women. With clouds in summer as a reference, men’s shoes are made with smooth leather and irregular textures. For Women, comfortable sandals with a compensated wedge are the suggestion.
Finally, on What About The Skin we find “sophisticated shoes” inspired on skin-based colours. Men’s shoes are “robust and solid”. Women’s shoes are “finer elements” and with a highlight on patterns.
On its production, Marita Moreno, of Marita Setas Ferro, uses Portuguese labour and factories, as well as “natural and local materials” and focus on customization. Craftsmanship, and craftsmen with their experience and generational differences, are essential to the production of Marita Moreno’s pieces. The brand’s exclusivity is also noticeable because the products are limited: there are only 100 units of each model, and all of them are numbered.


Photos: Courtesy of Marita Moreno

Marita Moreno

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