Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira



Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira is a man captured in his own universe, made of a definite inexplicable alienation and a bewildered transforming energy. He welcomed us to Casa de Fez, his house and one of his most acknowledged projects, stating an idea he had developed relating to the theme of this edition – Madness. Before the interview began, before talking about himself, his father, Álvaro Siza Vieira, the city and architecture, he made a point of showing us, out loud, the place where he had been in the last few days.


How much of Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira is more on this track of energy and madness or of normality?

I recognize myself in all this I have mentioned. I have a very individual critical sense, it bothers me immensely, those established standards of normality like the destruction of patrimony, generally with speculative and densification purposes. There is a strong relation with work, a creativity mechanism, a way to communicate with society. It is through work that I try to bring others closer together, I try to show them what may be different in terms of ideas, which can be remarkable, even though it may seem not to make sense at first. Architecture has this responsibility: to get involved, transform and change habits.

Featured in ROOF 8



Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
Portrait Photography: Isadora Faustino

Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira

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