Monoloko Design



This house, with simple geometric shapes, it`s a synthesis of natural materials. Since the modern façade, that combines wood and stone, to the finish in warm tones, all there is inviting and welcoming.
Initially, the client expressed the desire for an architecturally interesting house, which could comfortably accommodate two generations. The architects of Monoloko Design, responsible for the project, responded to customer expectations and designed a modern, comfortable home with spacious common areas and well defined private spaces.
In a very simple way, the project is based on the integration of three functional units in a single volume. As result, the house plant is a rectangle formed by three square blocks arranged in a line, and each block has a specific function. The first block contains, on the ground floor, the kitchen and the foyer, as well as a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs. The second block is a double-height space with a living room with fireplace. A staircase leads up the residents to the top floor rooms. The third block, next to the second, contains two bedrooms. The key idea behind the interior design was highlight the connections between the three blocks, using textured wood combined with minimalist white. Wood is used in different ways in almost all parts of the house and for each element of the interior. Another striking element inside are the custom bannisters. The idea was to design a lightweight, self-supporting structure in harmony with the general atmosphere of the house. The crossed metal bars are not only a very strong aesthetic element, but also provides structural support to the railings.
Combining minimalist geometry,  light-coloured natural finishes and wooden planks, the result is a contemporary and welcoming country home.








Photos: Ilya Ivanov


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