Ferreira de Sá Rugs



They have been weaving dreams for the past 71 years. In Ferreira de Sá’s factory, working since 1946, rugs, and the imagination of designers and clients, come to life. The team that forms this internationally renowned company is distinguished by their “passion, competence, commitment and dedication for what [they] do”. Throughout the years, Ferreira de Sá never ceased to stagnate, but always grow and evolve. Keeping up with the times without ever forgetting the origins. With a video produced by Ctrl + N | Produções, and Eduardo Rêgo’s voice over (the voice of BBC documentaries in Portugal), Ferreira de Sá Rugs let us know about their daily day, the heart of all the work they do.


Video: Ctrl + N | Produções (Cortesia de Tapeçarias Ferreira de Sá)
Photo: Orlando Fonseca

Ferreira de Sá Rugs

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