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Tesla’s first truck is a shadow no more. Elon Musk already premiered Semi which, 100% electric – the company purpose – will achieve 0 – 96km/h in just five seconds, when without its trailer. Fully loaded – about 36 tons – it is estimated that it will take only 20 seconds (something amazing if compared to a diesel truck, that takes about a minute to the same).
The fastness in speeding up is not Semi’s only surprising feature. Its regenerative braking recovers 98% of the kinetic energy so it has an infinite brake life. This truck’s cabin design was thought out around the driver: an easier entry and exit, “full standing room”, and the driver is not on one side of the cabin, but in the centre (for better visibility) – with a touchscreen on each side to a easy navigation and to monitor blind spots, for example.
Security is another aspect to which Tesla paid special attention. Semi has a reinforced battery to shield it from impact and that gives it a lower gravity centre; the windshield is made with glass resistant to impact; it prevents jacknife (when the trailer loses traction and slides, making a 90-degree angle with the truck tractor) due to its sensors which detect instability and apply negative or positive torque to each wheel – at the same time all brakes are working.
Semi also needs less maintenance – it has less moving parts that a diesel truck.
Now, one only needs to wait for 2019, the year in which Tesla will start producing Semi.




Elon Musk also seized the opportunity to launch Roadster, Tesla’s new sports car which promises to be the fastest production car in the world. The acceleration from 0 to 96km/h is predicted to be 1,9 seconds. Fully electric, Roadster – which Tesla says will start production in 2020 – will be able to travel 1000km in an highway with a single charge. Tesla’s new car will have three engines – one in the front and two in the rear for a full wheel drive – and batteries with 200kWh. The Roadster will be able to reach 400km/h.


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