Chapter II


There are no limits to creativity. The INSANE Luxury Design team is comprised of elements from different areas – from product design, architecture, to industrial and technical design. The influences come from several points and the richness of the final work lies in the fact that every designer is different from each other.
Art and function are essential to INSANE Luxury Design and the designers believe that if they create a special object that tells a story, it will become timeless, relevant to those who acquire it. They do not want to design the object by the object alone. “We want to contribute to create different and unique environments. Our inspiration comes from our country, Portugal, from the people, from the culture and heritage”, states the Creative Diretor Ivo Rodrigues.
At INSANE Luxury Design the designers and the craftsmen, sculptors and experts collaborate with a single goal: to achieve extraordinary perfection! Partners in creating the impossible, they build dreams with an unparalleled attention to detail.


Ivo Rodrigues, Creative Director

Ricardo Miguens, Designer

João Abrantes, Designer

Daniel Carvalho, Designer

David Reis, Designer

Photography: Orlando Fonseca

INSANE Luxury Design



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