Chapter IV


Each time INSANE Luxury Design presents a collection to the world different stories come together. The designers’ stories, the craftsmen’s, the materials’, the places’ that surround them. Each object seeks to combine the knowledge of craftsmen work with the awareness of the technical and conceptual components, overcoming conventional boundaries.
In the latest Maison & Objet exhibition, which took place in Paris, from the 19th to the 23rd of January, INSANE Luxury Design presented four new objects which confirmed the philosophy of creating timeless furniture pieces that grow in intensity and importance to those who choose them.


Unexpected. Intense. Relentless. Nature inspires Landslide, a cabinet that presents the illusion of a revolted soil, overlapping layers. The combination of different textures and Landslides`s intriguing shades create particular optical effect, merging art and design.

A modern volume that defines the personality of the space where it is placed. This is Flume. A delicate cabinet that has as its main features the enigmatic aesthetics and the perfect organization.

Amethyst is a coffee table that pays tribute to the uniqueness of the mineral that gives it its name. As an artwork, Amethyst’s characteristics are highlighted by the creative singularity that reveals the interior of the object.

An order and disorder. Pebble is a coffee table made of layers and gradients that balance in a harmonious way. The glass surface displays the structure that seems to float.

Photography: Susana Lemos

INSANE Luxury Design


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