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The dictionary appears to contain few words to describe Karim Rashid. However, in an interview with ROOF Magazine, the designer who wants to change the world has no trouble in finding a number of them. Genius could be one, controversial would also be appropriate in the handful of characteristics that best define Karim. A restless soul, he sees in the partnerships with different brands and projects, of distinctive types, a manner of contributing to the world, bustling around several areas. We never know what his next big project is going to be. But one thing is sure, it will have an electrifying unmistakable signature.


Who is Karim Rashid?
I am a CULTURAL SHAPER, DESIGNER, cultural engineer, author, KRITIK , DEEJAY, ARTIST, VISIONIST, SKULPTOR, PROFESSOR, designpreacher, globalover, WANKER, smooth talker, best-dressed designer, and OCD VIRGO.


Can you still remember which was the turning point in your professional career?
In 1993 I found myself in New York city, penniless, and started drawing objects romanticizing about the beautiful world I always wanted to shape. When I started my office, after approaching about 100 companies from Lazy Boy to Gillette, and I only got one client. I designed a collection of tabletop objects for Nambé, in Santa Fe, that became very successful. They sold about $3,000,000 a year and entered permanent museum collections. This relationship gave me the confidence that I could really contribute some meaningful and successful objects into the world. I designed the OH chair and Garbo waste can for Umbra (1995). They continue to sell millions and proved to me that Americans want design but at an affordable price.

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Karim Rashid

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