Studio Formafantasma


Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin. These are the names of the Italian designers’ duo who give life to Studio Formafantasma. With a unique design and constantly able to reinvent themselves, Andrea and Simone are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and one of the characteristics that defines them is the experimental materials investigation  applied to the work they develop. Furthermore, they see themselves as a bridge. Not that they want to pursue engineering or architecture, but rather because they see their studio as a bridge between craft, industry, object and user. In perceiving their work and role, Studio Formafantasma establishes the relationship between the research component that their practice is based on and the design industry, in a more extensive sense.
Passionate about product design from the time they were at the Design Academy Eindhoven – concluded in 2009 –, in the country that now welcomes them, Simone and Andrea form projects that, although never the same, denote a coherent line that characterizes the studio.

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Studio Formafantasma 

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