Résidence Villeneuve



This is a story about second lives. In the bustling neighbourhood of Plateau Mont-Royal, in Montreal, the Canadian Atelier Barda has given new life to an old commercial space. The building, which originally housed a grocery store topped by two apartments, has now given rise to a single-family residence. That structure had great potential and space to do just about anything. The point was to understand how an assumed relationship between the private and the public could be created without becoming intimidating. This has been the starting point – and the clients themselves were the protagonists of this project. Résidence Villeneuve presents itself to passers-by with an imposing black facade on the ground floor, and brick on the upper floors. Below there are two huge windows that put in permanent contact the ground floor of the house and the exterior. This is where the biggest intervention of the Atelier happened. This relationship between interior and exterior took on an almost cinematic tone, enhancing it, rather than ignoring it. A pastel pink block is the centre of this relationship. It is this block that organizes the space of that floor and that controls the privacy of the residents and sharpens the curiosity of those who pass by. This element, which can work as a cupboard, a shelf or a support piece of furniture, marks the transition into the private area of the ground floor, where we find the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, and where the curious looks no longer arrive. And it is with the use of colour that it was possible to create a kind of painting, visible from the street, without blocking the windows and the light, which floods the space through them. Everything in this place is made from colour.

Featured in ROOF 13






Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Maxime Desbiens

Atelier Barda

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