Herman José

Herman José, Mr. Entertainment.

Actor, TV host and Portuguese comedian.


What do you pay more attention to these days?

Everything. Time has made me a chronic‘snooper’. Everything interests me, everything is capable of making me immerse in a trip of total voyeurism.


Where is your favourite place to create or does this not exist for those who create, write, draw…?

My work place is deep in the countryside. In the midst of fields, and of silence, where I write, where I create, where I rehearse. I use my home in Lisbon mainly for the day before shows or rehearsals.


What is the importance of design and art in your life?

It has full importance. The aesthetics and the thoroughness of the sense of taste relief the nausea and sorrows with a kind of delicate mantle, which makes our everyday more interesting and bearable.


Do you remember the first design object you bought?

A Terzani standing lamp that made a monotonous corner of the room in a sort of art gallery.


And the last?

A fruit bowl “La Stanza dello Scirocco” from Alessi to store medications. It was the solution I came up with to give some dignity to a depressing selection of pill boxes.


On several occasions we noticed that you appreciate special objects – cars, watches, fashion accessories and travelling. For you, what is the true meaning of the word luxury?

My perception of luxury has developed over time. Today it is above all to counteract my inevitable physical degeneration, struggling so that everything that is around me preserves the minimum aesthetics, tidiness and decency. My last foolishness was to buy a Vuitton hat stand to take “Senhor Feliz” (one of the actor´s most well-known characters) bowler hat to shows. So much and so good remembrances now travel with the dignity it is worth.


In which hotel do you feel at home? For what reason?

There are so many. But my dream spot is Ritz Hotel in Paris. I was able to find in the market the same fragrance “Ambre du Nepal” air freshener with which they perfume their entrance hall. With this, and with the use of my olfactory glands, I can turn any dodgy dumps into a small palace overlooking Plâce Vendome.


“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” is one of Coco Chanel`s familiar sayings. Do you have any maxims/faiths concerning what you do?

I began to use that maxim applied to words. When I review my written indignations I remove the worst parts. I no longer have the spirit to set on fire great battles nor to look for great conflicts.

Featured in ROOF 13


Text: Cátia Fernandes

Herman José

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