Aowen Jin



“The potential is limited only by the thinker – so I believe there are endless possibilities to create art”. In this framework, we fully understand Aowen Jin’s creative genius, a name that is heard out loud when we attempt to relate art to invisibility. Today a respected artist, that could never have become so: “When I was a child, I was always fascinated by drawing – although, at the time, in China, it wasn’t something you were encouraged to pursue as a career”. However, Aowen drew endlessly sitting on the floor of the laboratory where her mother, a scientist, worked. This is, therefore, a story of possibilities. From the midpoint between what you do not always perceive, but is almost always there.
Going to the UK to study Economics and Law, Aowen Jin realize, once there, that her real dream was “to be an artist”, that any other career she forced on herself to pursue would be “unenjoyable and insincere”. And so Jin switched subject areas, beginning to study what the artist truly loved. People inspire her, their stories, the belief that when we begin to think of places “in terms of people rather than politics” our “perspective on world can change”.

Featured in ROOF 14



Texto: Inês Mendes
Fotos: Aowen Jin

Aowen Jin

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