Piada Lyon



Arthur and Mathilde are brothers, and together they have realized the dream of their mother: to bring a part of her native Italy to the French city Lyon, through the traditional recipe of piadinas. Piadinais a traditional flour-based flatbread that can be used as a side dish or stuffed with typical ingredients from the Italian gastronomy such as ham, mozzarella or tomato. To adapt a secular recipe to the contemporary world, the two brothers wanted to create a modern brand, with an appealing design, that would appeal to a young and current audience. Piada Lyon was born, therefore, with an interior project designed by the Spanish studio Masquespacio. As in most of the projects signed by the duo of designers of Masquespacio, the colour stands out. Making a journey to the past, but through a modern aesthetic, the designers chose to use a range of elements, such as handmade tiles, arches with mirrors or the golden bar lamps. The neon light, where we can read “A Bit of Italy”, can be highlighted as one of the key elements of this project, required from the beginning by the founders of Piada Lyon.





Photos: Luis Beltran

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