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Azores is magic. It involves us in such a real way that at times we are not certain if we are not beyond a different physical level, a new dimension. Here time is not the same. It is much more peaceful and calm. When we arrive at WHITE Exclusive Suites & Villas, the “perfect hideaway” designed by João and Catarina Reis on the island of São Miguel, it becomes clear that time has a sense of tranquility. Everything around us – WHITE itself, the ocean, nature – evokes a sense of peace that lingers on throughout the three days we experienced this special feeling. Writing about Azores, and WHITE in particular, is no simple task. It seems that there are not enough words, or suitable ones, to do justice not only to everything we had seen, heard, tasted, but also to the peacefulness and amazement that invaded us and remained even after our departure.
But then here we are, where everything is coloured in white, blue and green tones, where a gentle sun welcomes us – but where we also experience clouds, rain and fog in such a remorseful way that seems charming –, where the late afternoons are delightful and mornings are peaceful. When we arrived, it was early afternoon, WHITE`s entryway greeted us and indicated that each decorating detail was carefully thought out by João and Catarina: starting in the inside, where wood and macramé are prominent, to the outside where benches and tables, porches and the infinity pool (heated saltwater) form the perfect space to look out over the Atlantic Ocean just there. A breathtaking scenery.

Featured in ROOF 15







Text and photography: Inês Mendes


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