Ozadi Tavira Hotel



It was still dark when we started this incredible trip. We got in the train at dawn, in Porto, and, with our look lost in the view, we saw Portugal through the window. We get off only in Faro, by then almost noon, the sun warming our faces, making everything brighter. In a short time, we were in Tavira and, there, the promised destination waited for us: the Ozadi Heart & Soul Tavira Hotel.
The scent was of summer. Of hot days, seashore afternoons, blooming gardens and long walks searching for the horizon. Searching for new features. And if the horizon is still at an arm`s length, the novelties were perceptible. But let us not hurry, for these were not days to rush. They were quiet days, with peaceful sensations. It could not have been otherwise in a hotel like the Ozadi, in a town like Tavira.
When we arrived, we were presented with the view of the swimming pool and the architect Pedro Campos Costa’s main involvement in the hotel´s rehabilitation, where Orangea Bistro and the terrace are situated. It was there, later, that we saw the orange sunset to the taste of a cup of fresh mint tea. The blue light arose and it was time to go inside, to rest in the comfortable pillows of the Ozadi, as the next day awaited us expectantly.

Featured in ROOF 16



Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: Inês Mendes + Ricardo Polónio

Ozadi Tavira Hotel

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