Chef Tiago Bonito

5 things you need to know about Tiago Bonito’s cuisine


1. Tiago Bonito is the executive chef of Largo do Paço, the Michelin Star awarded restaurant, in 2004, which honourably occupies the charm hotel Casa da Calçada, in Amarante. Largo do Paço’s fine cuisine is made of stories, memories of flavours, of great and meticulous combinations.

2. The menu. Let’s call it an orchestra of flavours. With a signature cuisine, challenging, intriguing, the new menu is the embodiment of Tiago Bonito’s identity. The young chef brings to Portuguese gastronomy a cuisine of memories. His memories. The new carte du jour is made of two essential menus: “Caminhos”, a journey through the local flavours that most impressed Tiago Bonito, and “Identidade”, a kind of manifesto in which the chef portrays, through splendidly prepared dishes, the 10 commandments which guide his cuisine.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photography: Casa da Calçada

Largo do Paço

Casa da Calçada


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