Range Rover Evoque


Eight years ago, Jaguar Land Rover launched the Range Rover Evoque, at Salon d’Automobile de Paris. Now, and after the success this car had among the public, the brand premieres a new version, with new features and ground breaking technology. It was designed for the city life, but Land Rover says that, just like every car they produce, it is ready for off road tracks. These are Evoque’s main highlights which, just like the Velar, has flush door handles.


  • It is a concept of 2014, know fully developed. The ground view technology is exclusive and turns the car’s bonnet invisible by showing imagery of everything underneath the car’s front.
  • The rear mirror is also a high definition video screen whose feed is from a camera on Evoque’s  roof. If the rear mirror’s ‘analogic’ view is blocked somehow, the driver can still see everything behind the car.
  • This new version has Incontrol remote, which allows the user to be connected to the car wherever it may be.
  • Smart Settings option allows the Evoque to, after a few journeys,learn the driver’s preferences because it incorporates an artificial intelligence algorithm. The driver recognition (it is possible to add up to eight profiles) is made through the key and phone. The car then adjust the seat and the wheel, and the temperature, for example.


  • The new Evoque has Ingenium engines (they maximize the car’s performance and are environmentally sustainable), both petrol and diesel.
  •  The belt-integrated starter engine allows to save energy while decelerating. This stored energy is used afterwards to assist the engine while the car increases its speed once more.
  • This version is mild-hybrid and it is foreseen that, in a year, the plug-in hybrid will be launched.


  • Jaguar Land Rover defines the new Evoque as Eco-chic. Sustainability is present, for example, in the materials used, such as the premium fabrics that are an alternative to leather. Besides, is has low emissions and maximize fuel economy.

Photos: Courtesy Jaguar Land Rover

Land Rover

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