Diogo Tudela

Surfacism or The Radial Dispersion of Power


At number 200 of Rua Damião de Góis, in Porto, there is a space that privileges plural perspectives on the contemporary artistic manifestations. It is where languages and different exhibition dynamics cross, and where one seeks for an alternative environment to the dominant artistic movement. There, freedom is plentiful, it stirs the city through a new meeting point between artists, art and the public. Above all, one escapes the traditional, bets on what is outside the box, encourages mystery and doubts arise. That’s how we can describe the Galeria Sala 117 but also the exhibition Surfacism or The Radial Dispersion of Power, a work by Diogo Tudela, curated by Juan Luis Toboso.
Professor, programmer and independent researcher, Diogo Tudela brings to the public his theory on the manipulation of matter, through the logic of periphery and power center. Therefore, he seeks to construct a scenario that “only addresses issues of space, terrain, manipulable terrain”. According to Diogo, when he speaks of radial dispersion of power he is talking about its technical side and its mathematical formula: “if we look at the polar coordinates, as we move away from the center, we lose information density”. But in (cosmic) space it does not work this way, and within the logic of polar coordinates, the dynamics of centers and spaces of power allow Diogo Tudela to explore three different layers: geometric, geological or cosmological, as well as a political background that underlies the entire exhibition.
Surfacism or The Radial Dispersion of Power is, in a few words, a mysterious installation of light and sound that portrays the existence of operational possibilities on the earth surface and that can be seen in Galeria Sala 117 until January 26, 2019.


© Mariana Ribeiro


Photos: Diogo Tudela

Galeria Sala 117

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