There is a Portuguese ‘fado’ lyrics that tells us “Coimbra has more charm at the time we say farewell”. And it has. When we leave the students’ city behind, we look back missing it already, wishing to return, wanting to repeat the experience and to discover all we did not have the chance to see.
But let us not hurry because this visit to Coimbra, although brief, deserves all our attention: we got to know Arcadas’ restaurant, in Quinta das Lágrimas, and tasted in nine moments the delicious cuisine of Vítor Dias. Between the love of Pedro and Inês, we face the chef’s love for regional products, Portuguese inspirations and “day to day work”, and Quinta das Lágrimas. Arcadas’ latest menu (changes twice a year, according to the rhythm of the seasons) and was created around this period’s ingredients and taste of comfort.
Let us start with the bread, just as we started dinner whose wine pairing was done with signature wines Pedro & Inês. The ‘vianas’, a fluffy bread typical of Coimbra, is perfect to taste Ribatejo olive oil that comes to the table (with picua and cobrançosa olive).

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Texto: Inês Mendes

Quinta das Lágrimas



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