Coyo Taco



Equipped in electric blue and neon lights that is how Mexico reached Príncipe Real. The history of this place makes us take a trip to Miami, to the artistic neighbourhood of Wynwood, where in 2014 a crowd lined up to get to know the city’s new Mexican restaurant. Coyo Taco is a Mexican food chain that began in Florida and now arrives in Portugal, in partnership with Multifood group, after five restaurants in Miami, one in Panama and one in the Dominican Republic.
In number 65 of D. Pedro V, one of the busiest streets of the Portuguese capital, passers-by do not hide their curiosity. The concept is simple: to get your hands dirty and share. The flavour? Memorable. Passing through Coyo Taco’s blue door is to enter a different reality because, in fact, what we are able to come across there exceeds the gastronomic experience. It is a trip to Mexican street culture, where you eat with your hands, where you sing and dance with no embarrassment. There, the informal environment inspires and makes us fall in love, we are served real food, without deceit. The open kitchen increases intimacy and enhances leisure, while offering its guests a mouth-watering performance. On a tour through the country`s cuisine, Coyo`s menu has some of the best and greatest Mexican classics that make us want to stay there indefinitely. In a comfortable space with 24 seats there is also a bar with a window to the street, which appeals to those who pass by and where excellent margaritas are served.

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Text: Isadora Faustino
Photography: Philippe Simões
Coyo Taco


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