Hotel Norge by Scandic



Bergen is Norway`s second largest city. It is surrounded by seven mountains that naturally block the clouds of the North Sea. It is the cultural and commercial center of the country’s West coast, being a very popular destination among tourists who stop there during their cruises in northern Europe. From now on, these may include one more mandatory stop, the new Scandic Group hotel which is, by itself, a destination to explore. Norge, a project by studio concrete, embraces the city’s history and offers a contemporary feel, which includes an `escape room`, a special room that allows to discover unique and out-of-the-box experiences about the city and its secrets. It also has a huge library full of inspirational books about travel, art, fashion and food from around the world, represented by a huge globe in the room’s ceiling. This is the meeting point between the lobby – a space illuminated by a great sun -, the restaurant and the hotel cafe. The rooms, in turn, are the result of a modern interpretation of traditional Norwegian Hytte. There you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the warm atmosphere offered by the materials, colours and textures inspired by nature. The seven mountains that surround Bergen are represented on the escalators inside the Hotel, where the altitude lines were drawn. At the end of this tunnel of light, one glimpses the giant star, reflected in the golden ceilings, which changes of colour according to the climate and the season. There the sun is for everyone, all year round.


Photos: Wouter van der Sar



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