Ocean Residence



There are few scenarios that represent California as well as Santa Monica Beach. There the sun shines 300 days a year, there are several kilometers of sand, surfersdribbling the waves and one of the most famous Los Angeles postcards: The Santa Monica Pier wheel.
In this idyllic picture we find the Ocean Residence, a seventeenth-floor condominium, the result of a rehabilitation project by Heusch Inc. The team of architects transformed the two rooms of the old main unit into a single one, large and contemporary, with satin-glass walls and sliding doors. The old studio is now a guest room and the unknown concrete walls, disguised by plaster walls, are now visible. The furniture was all custom-designed and manufactured. The bathtub is made in Portugal, and was carved from a single piece of limestone, which was also used as raw material on the finishes of the main bathroom and closet. For the apartment’s floor, the architects chose walnut wood, just like for the doors and part of the kitchen cabinets. But what most left us in a awe is the incredible view to the beach, the Pacific Ocean and the city, that can be enjoyed in every area. It isn’t possible to stop dreaming of living there.




Photos: Gerhard Heusch

Heusch Inc.

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