Park Slope Duplex Apartment



It is common to hear that a house is never finished. The more time we spend in it, the more we want it to truly be our soul’s mirror, so we look for renovation and change. This was the motto for a couple with two children to whom Park Slope duplex apartment, in Brooklyn, USA, was home for more than 10 years. BFDO Architects was in charge of the project and included transforming the basement of the house into a family room, a place where they could watch movies, play games and spend quality time together. In this context, the new common spaces of the apartment were designed with a very clear strategy: to end the traditional divisions and open the kitchen to both the living and dining rooms. In the latter is a small office with a glass and steel door that allows privacy while minimizing noise, but allowing the entrance of natural light. The private spaces have been projected along a wall that stands out due to its deep blue-gray colour.




Photos: Amy Barkow

BFDO Architects

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