Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Iadevaia, the designers who give form and life to the Italian studio Sovrappensiero, met at the University of Naples, where they started to “share ideas”, so we are told. From Naples, they went to Milan to establish their design headquarters, and in it they illustrate objects that “can tell stories”. Real stories, stories of actions, stories of places. This is how the pieces tell us so much as soon as we look at them, pieces that put us in touch with something more than simply the shape, colour, material, pattern.

What are you more passionate about?

“We design `things`, but sometimes we try to design new processes and new attitudes, we try to make people think with our objects. In Design for the Blind, we tried to make people understand that objects for people with visual disabilities can be beautiful under different aspects, touching other senses. In Office + Retrofit we introduced a completely new design + recycling process in a furniture company. Or, for example, in furnaturewe introduced local materials into industrial and global process”.

Nature is often present in their projects. Much of Sovrappensiero`s inspiration comes from what is natural, from “materials, colours, landscapes or even sounds”.


Featured in ROOF 18

© Dario De Sirianna

© Erika Nuzzo

© Francesca Iovene

© Emanuele Zamponi

Text: Inês Mendes



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