Wild Ginger McKenzie. Seattle, Washington. Image license: SkB Architects and Wild Ginger. © Copyright 2018 Benjamin Benschneider All Rights Reserved. Usage may be arranged by contacting Benjamin Benschneider Photography. Email: bbenschneider@comcast.net

Wild Ginger



The first Wild Ginger’s restaurante opened in downtown Seattle, in USA, in 1989. Now, and after a new space in Bellevue, Washington, they open a third location which follows the Wild Ginger brand evolution. SkB Architects studio wanted the Bellevue restaurant’s atmosphere – also created by them – continuity, therefore the contemporary design reveals Asian influences shaping a casual and elegant space. In there, natural materials are the preferred ones, such as wood from Indonesia or leather, granite and concrete. Also, an highlight for the 80 Bocci’s globes of lights which, suspended, lock the eyesight of those inside the restaurant and those passing by. SkB Architects’ project also held into consideration the connection between the kitchen and the resturant’s room, so that the meal would be an experience as complete as possible.


Photos: Ben Benschneider, Drit Shoemaker, Hannah Rankin
SkB Architects


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