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The Astória’s cuisine, the restaurant of InterContinental Porto – Palácio das Cardosas, is now under the command of chef Paulo Leite and, as of February 20 will be possible to taste the new winter menu, sided by several cocktails, such as the Amarguinha (Amarguinha liquor, lemon juice and expresso, topped with coffee grains and toasted almonds).
The new signature dishes are inspired by the ‘Modern Portuguese Cuisine’ concept and stand out by the sense of warmth they convey, also highlighting the chef’s roots, natural of Aveiro. That’s why “the sea is there” throughout the entire menu and fish and sea food are the elected ingredients. João Bastos, Astória’s sommelier, was in charge of the meal’s wine pairing.
After the cockle with cucumber and parsley, the Aveiro’s oysters cold soup and the steer tartar – the amuse bouches – a fresh and crunchy bread made in house was brought to us with olive oil, butter and salt flower. We dived deeper into the Atlantic and we tasted the lobster, with pork’s tail and beetroot, and the Chora de bacalhau – codfish consommé, egg yolk puree, codfish tongs and crispy rice.
The following was one of the most surprising moments at Astória. The first dish was a perfect mix of sea and earth: the sea bass (a fish that Paulo Leite considers very interesting), with turnip and Portuguese stew broth. We got our feet out of water and we tasted the tender pork hock, sided by ‘papas de sarrabulho’, orange and turnip. We ended this meal with a dessert that is a mix of flavours. The ‘Bilharco’ is a pumpkin cake, “almost a brownie”, with brandy, cinnamon and cheese, with a cocktail specifically made to be its sidekick. Amazing.

Photos: Courtesy of Astória
InterContinental – Palácio das Cardosas


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