La Barque Residence



Home, in its true sense, is shelter, refuge, comfort. It’s where we meet and recover, where we guard against the storms of life, doubts, emotional hailstorms and the mind’s floods. It’s where we look inside of us, of where we get away from the world outside. It’s the preferred physical place, the one which mirrors the soul. Finding it between the calm and beauty of the shores of Lake Ouareau, in Canada, means the end of living adrift and cast the anchor, never to rise it again. La Barque is a utopia made of a prism shaped wood. It is the peaceful shelter and home of a hyperactive family. It invites to slow down, to rest, to take a break. There time slows down, it takes longer. The interior’s serene atmosphere captures the peace of the surrounding hills and gives its residents a break from the hustle of the busiest tides. The curved roof of the residence resembles the hull of a boat, where natural light invades all useful space from the bow to the stern. On the whole, the ACDF Architecture project makes La Barque a pleasant retreat, where the surrounding lake and hills become much more than just a scenario.


Photos: Adrien Williams

ACDF Architecture

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