Matteo Brioni



Since the very beginning natural materials have been employed in the construction of the most varied structures. We see them in walls, in pavements, in coatings, as an essential part or as a complement, a natural touch. Nature and Architecture often walk side by side, increasing value to each other, completing one another.
Matteo Brioni is an architect. He was born in Gonzaga, Italy, and has earth inside himself. Grew up close by an old brick furnace – owned by his family over four generations – and the passion for working with clay led him to experiment and test different applications. Hence, in 2010, the brand with his own name was born, where together with his team he works to give new life to a material that has been at the service of architecture over the years.

Featured in ROOF 18

Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: Matteo Brioni

Matteo Brioni


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