MV House



Rock n`roll isn’t just a musical style. It is a way of being in life, of taking a stand. Although associated with youthful rebellion, it engages fans and supporters of all ages, beliefs and cultures, throughout the world. In São Paulo, Brazil, it was the motto for MV House`s requalification project. Studio Guilherme Torres’ challenge was to transform a house from the 70s into a renovated and young space that would match the spirit of its future resident. From a classical architecture was born a building that does not forget the past, but that follows the future. The living room is an example of this, opening itself completely to the outdoors. From there, it is possible to see the large swimming pool and a small lawn and wooded garden. Outside there is green and blue. Inside, as predictable, there is black, a lot of black, but not only. Between slates, clay bricks and furniture dressed in black, the atmosphere is cheerful, bold and sober at the same time. Without forgetting the commitment with the memory of a glorious past, now the guitar is tuned to the new owner’s taste, and Rock wins.


Photos: MCA Estudio
Studio Guilherme Torres


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