To democratize gastronomy. It was with this principle that Tiago Santos, the chef who now runs Quorum’s kitchen, created the restaurant`s menu. We are in a fine dining in Rua do Alecrim, one of the most touristic streets in Lisbon, but at the table we will not be served truffles or foie gras. In Quorum, we are surprised by hugely elaborate and creative dishes, with extreme attention to detail and technique, prepared with “standard ingredients”. Here, national producers are cherished and the food that is eaten really tastes like food.
With the purpose of revitalizing Portuguese cuisine from the 1940s to the 1960s, Tiago Santos thought of a menu that recovers various uncommon products that, for several reasons, were no longer part of Portuguese meals. Master in Geography, Tiago wrote this menu based on the research he did, and does, on a trip he makes every fortnight throughout the country. “Every two weeks, the entire restaurant’s team, set off to get to know a new region in Portugal”, he explains. And it is about this research that Tiago Santos tells us with an enthusiasm that truly fills his heart. As we listen to the chef’s stories, describing each dish in detail, our treats are being set on the table. After tasting the bread, made in house, and the olive oil, we get an astounding bread with sausage. A chef ‘s reinterpretation, who recommends us to “eat it all at once”, because the surprise is precisely in the way that puffed bread melts in our mouth.

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Text: Isadora Faustino
Photography: Philippe Simões



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