Carlos Guimarães

Heritage and contemporaneity.

The second conference of ESCOLAS: Complexidade e Interpretação was headed by professor Carlos Guimarães, who talked about Heritage and Contemporaneity, challenges of affirming an identity.
At auditório Fernando Távora, in Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto (FAUP), Carlos Guimarães synthesized the architectural characteristics of high schools in Portugal, as they were thought in the past, its organization and spaces distribution. With the different shown examples, it was possible to understand that the “interiors organization, the way it was thought out and its relationship with the city was common to the different schools”.
On another hand, Liceu de Guimarães – the case study presented by Carlos Guimarães – was built in a different way: for example, there was no central axis and there was freedom on the way the facades were planned. This was the school in which the atelier of Carlos Guimarães worked at, within the scope of Parque Escolar, where, above all, “the endeavour was to change the school’s organization, as it was thought out in the beginning, as little as possible” and, at the same time, answer the new request – such as, for example, better sound characteristics and a covered space to sports practice. Very important was “to maintain the school’s identity”, something the architects have shown by keeping the entrance building’s roof and the old handrails.

The next conference will be presented by Rui Mealha, and will take place today, March 13, at 15h, also at auditório Fernando Távora, in FAUP.

Photos: Inês Mendes

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