Dedon x GamFratesi

AIIR by GamFratesi.

Every success has a passionate story to tell. DEDON’s journey is no exception. It was born from the love for the outdoors, from the desire to think differently and from an innovative fiber, 100% recyclable. In the meantime, it was a revolution for exteriors décor, it created icons of modern design and spread through more than 100 countries. After nearly three decades of continuous innovation and more than 1000 employees later, little has changed. Curious by nature, the brand walks a never ending path of discovery. It continues to set trends, to create them. The focus is not – and never was – to meet or maintain old ways of doing, but rather to create new ones. To this end, strict quality standards are applied at each step of production. The fiber, produced in Germany, and the furniture, produced in the Philippines, are meticulously controlled by DEDON. Everything is done to meet excellence, starting with designers and their collections, such as the GamFratesi duo and the new AIIR collection. With a light, bright and transparent design, AIIR brings news, but does not forget its previous legacy: it reimagines the classic shell chair and adapts it to the present. This is the first DEDON collection with injection molded seat, a curved seat, which offers exceptional comfort. From clear lines and vertical cracks, AIIR is the result of significant design innovation and production methods. It transmits simplicity, lightness and a harmonious balance between solid and empty space. The designers, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, were inspired by the geometry and nature of a birch grove, from which they evoke the image. The purpose was to create an uninterrupted landscape between the exterior and the interior, reflecting the current lifestyle. By osmosis, the AIIR collection adapts perfectly to both contexts, being easily transhipped in its two versions, armchair and side chair. The legs are made with premium teak, from sustainable plantations, that offers total durability and robustness in extreme weather conditions. The (exclusive) colours palette reflects the Nordic and Italian influences of its designers. From the duo GamFratesi’s multiculturality was born a timeless collection, fitting DEDON’s way of working.

Photos: Courtesy of DEDON

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