Innocence in Zen

The house of tranquillity.

Zen, synonymous of what is calm, relaxed. It is, implicitly, what is or appears to be in a state of calm, full of serenity, refusing friction or confusion. In the world of design, to truly experience a “Zen” lifestyle, one must learn to respect and appreciate the DNA of each type of material. That’s what happened on the project Innocence in Zen, by HAO DESIGN studio. The notion of time transmitted by tree rings, the coating’s special texture, and the resilience represented by twisted steel create an emotional effect in complete harmony with the owners’ mood. Among the husband’s simplistic Zen style and the wife’s preference for Nordic minimalism, an extroverted and active older daughter and a rather quiet young one, the studio opted for a multifunctional design. On the interior stands out wood, craftsmanship and a rustic feeling. The result is a family home both elegant and casual in the epicentre of culture and art in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan.

Photos: Hey!Cheese

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