João Mendes Ribeiro

For a neutral architecture.

“Without noise”, “peaceful”, “neutral”. This is, ideally, the architecture for João Mendes Ribeiro. He is not only an undisputable name in Portuguese architecture, but also in scenography, two distinct but interconnected areas that operate side by side, crossing paths, in João Mendes Ribeiro’s life. He is interested in many subjects, but life and spaces’ inhabitability, the way users and interpreters interact with them, and rehabilitation are the ones that stand out. Between teaching and working in his atelier in Coimbra, we found in the architect the consistency and capacity to synthesise, the willpower to experience and an evident esteem by the areas he embraces.

You divide your time between working and teaching architecture. How do you manage between the two practices?

The management is indeed necessary and I try to do so in an integrated way, understanding the atelier’s work both as a motivation and an extension of the research related to the project, which I develop in the academic field.

What do you want students to obtain and learn in the Project subject?

In the Project subject we try to make kind of a reality reproduction, from a place and an actual program, to interpret the elements that distinguish the city and the location where the intervention will take place. The topic of Project III is collective housing in an urban context and is developed up to a scale corresponding to the project’s implementation.
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João Mendes Ribeiro

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