Where leisure is part of the business.

Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. There, architecture doesn’t forget its heritage, but it privileges modernity. Being a relatively young city, it surprises by its practical architecture and organization. This was S/LAB10 design and architecture studio’s main inspiration to meet the requirements of a local company to create a workspace that offered hospitality and entertainment to its customers. From a former multi-storey residence was born a corporate centre duly adapted to the climate and particularities of Southeast Asia, the Mantab Workplace. It has a gold-copper alloy façade, bright and bold, that strongly protects the interior. There, it shows a set of volumes, contrasting surfaces, materials, textures and details that are intertwined, creating a robust and attractive structure with a very singular visual identity. The bamboo terrace subtly evokes nature, completing the interior, which is sober and elegant, where workspaces and leisure spaces naturally flow between each other, with no divisions.

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