Miramonti Boutique Hotel

Nature at the service of design.

In Brescia, Italy, the enchanting natural beauty of the mountains and lakes creates an idyllic setting unparalleled. This is Miramonti boutique hotel’s main inspiration, which was built in 1958. Run by a family – now in its third generation -, the luxury hotel found on Boxx Creative studio the way to offer excellence through a re-qualification of reduced environmental impact. From here was born a renewed and attractive interior design that is based on the elements earth, fire, air, water, wood and metal. Each square meter has been maximized to increase the number of rooms, provide room flexibility and create family-friendly suites. These convey balance and serenity through blue and green tones. The choice of materials – stone, wood and metal – served as a link to the surrounding landscape. It is from there that the hotel takes advantage of its popularity and is associated with the practice of seasonal activities such as skiing, Porcini mushroom picking and wine tasting.

Photos: Mariell Lind Hansen
Boxx Creative

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