Between ancient and contemporary.

Narratives, addresses, exoticism. Relics rescued from time and space. Lost craftsmanship, new uses, new combinations. The extraordinary and the unusual. All these fits in MIRABILIA, an interior design project full of objects of different ages and origins. Conceived by Alessandra Castelbarco Albani and curated by PLUS ULTRA studio, it consists of iconic design products, pieces of emerging designers and household objects recovered from dusty warehouses. It is a special place, a collection of rare pieces that establishes new relations with the historical mansion it is at. It was chosen for its variety of spaces with a strong evocative power and a peculiar character.

While walking through them, it’s possible to experience the presence of the past, the stories of the Sforza family during the 15th century, the vicissitudes of the Della Rovere family in the following century and the buzz of events in the Albani family in the 18th century. The project recovers the precious balance between different eras and brings the past to the present, in ten new environments that capture scenes from home life as if they had been suspended between different ages. This trip through time and art can be made nearby Pesaro, in Italy, at Villa Imperiale. Originally built in the 15th century as a Sforza mansion, the Villa was enlarged and painted in the 16th century, will of the Dukes of Della Rovere. Now, empty of its original function, it hosts a real display of rare curiosities. 

Photos: Giulio Dallatorre / Valerio Panella
Alessandra Castelbarco

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