Design at the service of communication.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Telecommunications Design and Post Office in Portugal, Casa do Design, in Matosinhos, invites us to go back to the past. SINAL is the first major exhibition focusing on the relevance of Portuguese design and its relationship with some of the main communication media of the 20th century, with the most important corporate entities and its respective services. It tells us about the letter, the telegraph and the telephony.
But not only.

From transmission to the network, from equipment to broadcast and from message to identity, we retreat to the time of “pagela”, philatelic emission, the appearance of publicity and audacious propaganda. There, it’s possible to understand the importance of illustration and subsequent graphic design. It’s a trip through the evolution of industrial equipment, automatic switching and leads us to the internet boom. There, it’s possible to get to know Marconi’s wireless telegraph and remember Telecel’s SIM card. The exhibition is like a portrait of the historical, mechanical and technological evolution of everyday life, and at the same time, it reflects the gradual development of aesthetic currents, technical means and political and economic changes that reconfigured the models of Portuguese social organization. There, the visitors have access to an important part of the history of all of us and, above all, to the set of constant facilities and privileges that telecommunications have provided us. The exhibition will be on display at Casa do Design until July 14.

Photography: © Mariana Ribeiro

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