Hotel Sanders

A home away from home.

The Sanders Hotel is a Danish house that brings the world inside itself. For Lind + Almond studio the premise was simple: build the best hotel in Copenhagen and one of the best boutique hotels in Europe. Moreover, Pernille Lind and Richy Almond wanted to create an institution, a way of life. One of the ideas behind the project was to offer the city a whole new experience. For this, the duo sought inspiration around the world but did not forget the importance of the Danish capital.

Sanders could not be an alien to Copenhagen. The solution included references to Danish mid-modern design in the furnishings of the more than 50 rooms that make up the hotel unit. In it, one recalls the golden age of travel and the exploration of new places and new cultures. It embraces the natural and applauds the wood and limestone. There are warm tones, French elegance and a good deal of British eccentricity and exuberance. It’s like a friend’s house, a home away from home.

Photography: Courtesy of Sanders
Lind + Almond

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