Loft Miraflor

The art of rebirth.

The golden age of the industrial era of Porto has already passed into history but left an important legacy that resists until today. We speak of areas from this Portuguese city that are left to abandon and condemned to a less laughing destination. But at the same time, these areas function as real urban laboratories that serving architecture in the hope of a new life. From here comes the opportunity to experiment and explore new typologies and architectural directions that only this kind of contexts can offer.

Right at the heart of Porto’s Campanhã Neighbourhood, was born the Loft Miraflor, the result of a project that seeks to rehabilitate and readapt a centennial warehouse making it habitable. For this, were considered some particularities and specificities of the building, long, narrow and double. Without altering the morphology, the Alexandre Loureiro architecture studio opted to disconnect the six preexisting wooden boxes between the roof trusses, which allowed to maximize the area of social interaction on the ground floor. In this, there are no physical barriers between different areas. Already on the first floor, we find private spaces. Between this and the ground floor, vertical communication was assured through helicoidal stairs. There, anything can happen.

Photography: Alexander Bogorodskiy
Alexandre Loureiro Architecture Studio

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