Pátio do Meco

A place in the sunshine.

Aldeia do Meco was included on the tourist map in the early 1970s. It is only half an hour from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, between Lagoa de Albufeira and Cabo Espichel, but only a few knew it existed. At that time, 600 people lived in that village. There were no roads, electricity or water. In Lisbon, people rarely crossed Tejo to get know this region, virtually unknown. The beaches were occupied by fishermen and local people in search of miraculous algae. After being discovered by foreigners, it experienced a sudden transformation in the early ’80s, which permitted Aldeia do Meco to start welcoming tourists. After decades of living on what the land and sea offered, the resident population began to turn their barns and barracks into rooms for rent. Who came, sought the beaches with vast extensive sand, the spirit of libertinism and the discretion of places that, at the time, were famous for the practice of naturism.

Today, Setubal Peninsula’s small village, near Sesimbra, is also known for its restaurants where seafood reigns. Integrated in Parque Natural da Arrábida, it also offers beautiful beaches of golden sand and stunning rock formations. It is a dream destination for adventure and seafood lovers. As tourists extend beyond Tejo, the region becomes a place of fusion between nature and proximity. This is where Pátio do Meco belongs. There, it recreates the past to invigorate the present. In the village’s historic centre, a single-family residence from the early 20th century gave way to a modern guest house that does not forget the construction’s legacy that serves as its home.
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There, we are offered peacefulness and compulsive laziness in while we rest. Life earns more time and the horizon pushes our sight away from the hustle, past Tejo.

Text: Mariana Ribeiro
Photography: Nelson Garrido
Pátio do Meco

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