Studio DiDeA

Antica Birreria.

Palermo, UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the main cultural, historical and economic centre of the island of Sicily. As an example of socio-cultural syncretism between the Islamic, Western and Byzantine cultures, it generated new concepts of space, structure and decoration. That’s where we found the new Studio DiDeA project. From a former clothes shop was born a welcoming restaurant, at the ground floor of a residential building, at the crossing of two major city streets. The interior is wide and filled with natural light. The place is named Antica Birreria, that means Ancient Brewery, which refers us, precisely, to an old brewery. Since the client owns several restaurants with this name in Palermo, whose heavy design is something between northern European breweries, it made sense for the studio to assign it to the new restaurant.

The interior design project features noble and warm materials, among which oak wood largely used for the boiserie. It is interrupted by counters upholstered with green Guatemala marble, flooring with checkered tiles and for benches upholstered with green leather, as well as brass chandelier opposed to industrial style elements. The walls have been lined with grey cement resin and the blacker ceiling exposes the piping systems. The numerous pillars in the centre of the rooms dedicated to the public were camouflaged. Well, insight is the care in maintaining the Nordic style of the remaining establishments Antica Birreria. There, to travel, just enter.

Photography: © Serena Eller
Studio DiDeA

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