Isabel Penna

Guerrilla Tropical.

“I was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1982”. Thus began our conversation with Isabel Penna, the plastic artist we met in Porto by the name Guerrilla Tropical. Isabel is Brazilian, a ‘Rio style girl’, as we have realized, but lived in Paris from the age of 6 to 10, a city where she began to develop a particular interest in plastic arts – “back then, was the first time I had contact with painting”, she recalls.

She felt “entirely disconnected” from her artistic side.

“As a child, during our holidays, I used to travel throughout Europe with my parents and when we visited museums, I would spent hours imagining myself painting”. At age 15, Isabel came to live with her mother to Portugal. Attended high school and then entered Faculdade de Economia do Porto to study Management. She felt “entirely disconnected” from her artistic side.
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