Jefferson Rueda

A Par e Paço.

The love for cuisine brought the Brazilian chef Jefferson Rueda to Portugal and got him together with one of the greatest names of the Portuguese gastronomy, Tiago Bonito. Side by side, they created a menu where pig is the highlighted ingredient. Sushi of pork cheek, smoked belly pork or matured pig tartar where some of the dishes that stand out. The two chefs met at “Par e Paço” second edition, which took place at Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux, in Amarante.

What does it mean to you to be cooking in Portugal?

I feel thrilled to be in Portugal. It is the land of pig. I’m able to share what I know about techniques, myths and traditions with the country that discovered Brazil and get the best of your experience.

What was the creative process behind the idealized menu with Tiago Bonito?

Tiago is married to a Brazilian woman. In our trips to Brazil, we met and there was a chemistry between us. We began speaking and started realizing all we have in common, like the respect for ingredients, traditions and we began looking into the future.

What is the importance of these types of initiatives for national and international gastronomy?

More and more, the chef has to share what he knows and has to be generous. We have a key role in transforming the food of people and demystify certain myths and untruths about pork.

Are these moments of learning?

Not just learning, but sharing. Every day we learn and teach. So, we all grow up.

In your restaurant, pork is the most prominent ingredient. Why this meat?

It is not the most prominent ingredient, but rather the only protein on the menu. Besides the pork, we have vegetables, etc. I think pig is the most democratic animal in the world. You eat the animal from snout to tail.

Do you have any projects for the future that you can share with us?

I’m writing a book and traveling all over Brazil to tell the story of pig since country’s discovery, so it’s clear that we’ll have a chapter dedicated to our portuguese friends.

Jefferson Rueda
Tiago Bonito

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